The Wageningen Potato Centre is an initiative of Wageningen University & Research, which aims to allow research and industry to join forces to generate knowledge, stimulate cooperation and develop sustainable innovations. The WPC introduces companies from the potato chain to research being carried out by various parties, including Wageningen University & Research. Partner companies of the WPC are right at the forefront of developments in potato research. This gives them access to the very latest knowledge and a unique network, which can lead to unexpected new working relationships.

The WPC evolved from Potato Demonstration Day. Since 2010, demand from the commercial sector for a permanent platform revolving around knowledge, expertise and innovation in the potato sector has been met within the Wageningen Potato Centre. Wageningen University & Research, location Westmaas is responsible for the coordination.

But the WPC is more than just a knowledge centre. It is also an interactive platform that aims to generate knowledge and encourage cooperation between partners. In addition to sharing research findings, the opportunity to network is also an important aspect of the expert meetings organised by the WPC.

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