Vision - Mission - Strategy

To explore the potential of the potato and improve its supply chain. In other words: the ambition to learn all there is to know about the potato, push back the boundaries of the knowledge we already possess (and the knowledge we will acquire in the future), and make sure that our partners stay ahead of other companies that are not partners.

The WPC serves as a platform for fundamental and applied research, and provides a unique network where companies from the potato sector can find each other. This inspirational platform creates room for new and unexpected innovations, research ideas and partnerships.

The WPC accomplishes this by organising 4 expert meetings a year. Every company can send a maximum of 3 people to the meetings. The meetings are often held on the campus of Wageningen University & Research, but there is occasionally an excursion to an external expert. For example, 1 of the 4 meetings is organised by our Belgian partners. The Belgian research institutes are all affiliated to the WPC, so we can look beyond our own national borders for inspiration in potato research.