Our partners form the heart of the WPC; each and every company is a prominent player in the potato sector. They come from every facet of the chain: from chemical companies to processors, and from mechanisation experts to specialists in potato storage. The people who visit the WPC are all looking for inspiration and keen to think outside the box when it comes to enhancing the product they all rely on: the humble potato.

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Benefits of partnership

  • Three colleagues are invited to attend 4 expert meetings per year. Different people may attend each meeting; the partnership applies to the company as a whole. The meetings explore recent and ongoing research into potatoes. This could concern genetics, soil science, plant physiology, mechanisation, quality or other potato-related subjects. The content of the presentations is designed to put WPC partners at an advantage, as they hear things during WPC meetings that have not yet made the trade journals.
  • The newsletter Dynamisch appears 6 times per year. This is where partners can read up on the most recent meetings and the latest developments. It also provides space for partner companies to share information. Dynamisch can be sent to every colleague who signs up for it, as the subscriptions apply to the company as a whole.
  • WPC login. WPC partners have exclusive access to:
    • all the publications in the WUR library. You may visit the library in person or send us a search request if you are looking for publications on a specific topic.
    • all presentations (in Dutch) given during WPC expert meetings.
    • all editions of the Dynamisch newsletter (in Dutch).
  • Partners may also make free use of the WPC conference room in Westmaas. This room accommodates up to 10 people, with an internet connection and presentation facilities. 

The partnership fee in 2021 has been set at € 1,925.

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