Aardappelwereld Magazine, The Hague
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Agrea, Panningen
Agrea is the perfect partner for agricultural entrepreneurs: we can help you to get the best yields, both now and in the future! We give our customers the benefit of all our knowledge and advice, making us the perfect partner. We can oversee the entire process from planting through harvesting to delivery. Our advice, knowledge and products for agricultural entrepreneurs help you to maximise your profits. 
Agrifirm, Apeldoorn 
The farmers and market gardeners affiliated to Agrifirm also own the company. This is why we always put their interests first. We serve as a link in the chain of success. Agrifirm hopes that leading the way in knowledge and innovation, and offering customer-based advice, will improve its market position in the Netherlands, both in terms of turnover and image. 
Aviko Potato, Dronten
Aviko Potato is responsible for sourcing and purchasing the potatoes, quality control and the logistics organisation of the raw materials for the Aviko group in Western Europe. Aviko Potato is also involved in raw material issues for the Aviko plants outside Europe. The total annual sales of Aviko Potato total 1,700,000 tonnes of potatoes.
AVR, Roeselare 
AVR produces the entire gamut of machinery for potato production (and other bulb and tuberous crops): from preparing the planting beds, planting and hilling, haulm topping, lifting and storing in sheds. AVR’s mission is to ensure that customers with limited resources find efficient methods of getting more marketable products into their storage sheds. 
BASF, Arnhem 
We employ some 109,000 staff in more than 385 production centres to serve our partners and customers throughout the world. 
Bayer CropScience, Mijdrecht
Bayer CropScience provides farmers on the Dutch market with the widest range of crop protection products available in the Netherlands. This Mijdrecht-based company is actively involved in developing, distributing and giving advice on crop protection products. 
Beekenkamp Group, Maasdijk 
The Beekenkamp Group, a family business since 1951 and a household name in agriculture and horticulture. The Beekenkamp Group joins forces in three companies: vegetable, pot and bedding plants, packaging and chrysanthemums. This combination gives Beekenkamp a unique position in the national and international market. The Beekenkamp Group specializes in making high-quality starting material: breeding and growing young plants. Beekenkamp's spearhead is the production of PA-01 certified potato mini tubers.  
Belchim Crop Protection, Londerzeel
Belchim Crop Protection supplies state-of-the-art products for all crops and all segments, including services and advice for our trading partners. 
Certis Europe, Maarssen
We offer complete system solutions for the eco-friendly, integrated protection of your crops. We focus on organic and chemical plant protection products, natural enemies and catching methods for greenhouse horticulture, arable farming, fruit farming, tree nurseries, specialist crops and flower bulbs. 
Corteva AgriScience™, Bergen op Zoom
Corteva Agriscience™ is the only major agriscience company completely dedicated to agriculture. By combining the strengths of DuPont Pioneer, DuPont Crop Protection and Dow AgroSciences, we've harnessed agriculture's brightest minds and expertise gained over two centuries of scientific achievement. 
CRA-W, Gembloux
Founded in 1872, the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre (CRA W) is a scientific establishment under the Regional Government of Wallonia. CRA W employs over 450 people, among them 120 scientists including doctors of agricultural science, engineers or graduates. Spread over three sites (Gembloux, Libramont and Mussy-la-Ville), the Centre occupies some 300 hectares of offices, laboratories, greenhouses, orchards and experimental fields. 
CropSolutions, Wemeldinge 
CropSolutions gathers, develops and provides specialist knowledge on breeding in the plant sector. This knowledge is available to farmers and breeders via the field sales departments of the affiliated cooperatives and companies. They give advice to breeders on location. 
Dewulf, Winsum (Fr) 
Dewulf is a leading global player and full-liner in agricultural machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops. With three locations – in Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania – the company leads the industry in the development and production of agricultural machinery for soil cultivation, planting, harvesting, grading, sorting and transport of potatoes and vegetables. 
EUROPLANT, Heerenveen
SUCCESSFUL GROWING IS OUR GUARANTEE FOR THE FUTURE. Our growing aims are defined in association with our business partners and growers. Important aims in modern cultivation include: working for healthy food, eco-friendly production methods and efficient use of natural resources. The needs and requirements of breeders, the industry, trade and consumers are changing all the time. The main challenge for our breeders is to respond adequately to these changes. 
Farm Frites International, Oudenhoorn
Farm Frites was founded in 1971 and is built on sound rural valuessuch as purity, authenticity, family and agricultural knowledge and expertise. We care about nature and the communities around us and strive to serve the interests of customers, consumers, farmers, employees and local residents. 
Fiwap, Gembloux
L'objet de la Fiwap tient en quelques mots:
La promotion et la valorisation du plant de pomme de terre et de la pomme de terre de consommation. 
Geersing Potato Specialist , Emmeloord 
Geersing Potato Specialist is a trading company from Emmeloord that is involved in the development of potato varieties and the sale of seed potatoes.
Grimme, Damme
Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik is the largest manufacturer of potato farming machines in the world. They make machines for tilling, planting, hilling, earthing up, lifting and storing. Grimme has the right machine for all these processes. More than 2,000 employees are here to ensure that you always have the right machine in the right place, wherever you are in the world! 
HZPC Holland, Joure
As a breeder and distributor of seed potatoes and potatoes for consumption, HZPC is right at the bottom of the potato chain. This is why we pay so much attention to the needs and requirements of every other party working in the chain! 
Inagro, Beitem
Inagro focuses on agriculture and market gardening, including the integral chains upwards and downwards and the overlaps with nature, environment and society. With a view to the future, the company concentrates on the production of Foods, including functional Food, Feed, Fuel, Fibre, Flower, Pharmacy and other (biorefinery) applications and recreational possibilities (Fun). 
Kladde Consulting, Lepelstraat
After working in the cropprotection industry and private research, Jan-Dries Luijks has been active since the end of 2018 as a consultant in the development, launch and support of plantprotection products, fertilizers, additives and variety research. 
LambWeston, Kruiningen
Producer of delicious deep-freeze potato products and appetizers. 
Meijer Potato, Rilland 
Whether it concerns refining new varieties of potatoes, providing high-quality seed potatoes for growers or supplying the processing industry with the best raw materials: we guarantee the highest quality standards for every process. 
NAO, The Hague
The NAO (Dutch Potato Organisation) is an organisation set up to represent the interests of Dutch traders in seed potatoes and potatoes for consumption, and the potato industry as a whole. 
Nedato, Oud-Beijerland
For the last 45 years, Nedato, the Dutch association of potato producers, has been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to growing, collecting and selling potatoes. With sales in excess of 350,000 tons per year, Nedato is one of the top potato collecting companies in the Netherlands and Europe. 
Nufarm, Capelle aan den IJssel
Nufarm Benelux is a sales organisation that serves the Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg crop protection products market. Our product portfolio is highly diverse and mainly focuses on professional agriculture, market gardening and public green spaces. 
N-xt Fertilizers, Veghel
Years of intensive, one-sided fertilisation is taking its toll on our soil, affecting yields and damaging the quality of the products. The consequences are obvious. Healthy soil is therefore essential, and this is where N-xt Fertilizers comes in. 
Omnivent, Zeewolde 
Omnivent is an international specialist in the area of designing, manufacturing and installing modern ventilation and climate control technology. We have built up a global reputation by supplying specific solutions and high-quality service at reasonable prices. 
PCA, Kruishoutem 
The Interprovincial Proefcentrum voor de Aardappelteelt or PCA (test centre for potato research) is a non-profit organisation that carries out independent practical research and provides information about potato production. The PCA, in close collaboration with the potato research group at Inagro, provides a wide range of services and advice for growers and other sectors in the potato industry. 
Peka Kroef, Odiliapeel
Peka Kroef is a family business that specialises in fresh chilled potato products. Since 1970 we have been constantly pushing the boundaries of our products and production methods in order to provide our customers with even better service, which means even fresher, even easier and even tastier products.
Syngenta, Bergen op Zoom 
Crop protection is our business. We provide a broad package of crop protection products and support services for farmers, market gardeners and the rest of the agricultural chain. 
Tolsma-Grisnich, Emmeloord 
Tolsma-Grisnich develops and produces innovative storage techniques that improve the storage yield for potatoes, onions and carrots. 
Van Iperen, Westmaas 
Our broad, knowledge-intensive approach to arable production means that we can get the best out of your crops. Developments in arable farming are progressing rapidly. Our drive is to keep abreast of all these developments and share our expertise with you. We do this through our arable farming specialists, who can visit your business to advise you about which steps to take for optimum crop yields. We can tell you everything you need to know about the use of fertilisers and crop protection products.